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Gauges and Tubes

BG-1 and BG-2A
The BG-1 and BG-2A are portable battery powered thermocouple gauge controls housed in durable padded carry case. Vacuum is read out in one micron increments on an LCD display.

Price BG-1 $485.00
BG-2A $505.00

The TVG-532 is a Wide Range TC Vacuum Gauge displaying vacuum readings in Torr from atmosphere 760 Torr to .001 Torr or one micron. Comes with wide range gauge tube sensor.

Price: $460.00

Thermocouple Gauge Tubes
DV-6M PN 1703-004-1 1-1000 Micron $84.00
DV-6R PN 1703-004R 1-1000 Micron $96.00
DV-23 PN 1703-008-1 0-5 Torr POR
TVT-532 PN 1703-532 Wide Range POR
Ion Gauge Tubes
BA nude and glass envelope Ion Gauge Tubes.
Ion Gauge tube, BA-075-IK ¾” Kovar Neck Iridum filament Price $140.00
Ion Gauge tube, BA-100-TK 1” Kovar neck Tungsten filaments. Price $140.00
Ion Gauge Control MIG-330 POR
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