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Vacuum Components

Aluminum Knife Edge Seals
ISO-100 PN: 8250-022 POR
ISO-80 PN: 8250-021 POR
ISO-63 PN: 8250-020 POR
ISO-40 PN: 8150-057 POR
ISO-25 PN: 9150-046 POR

ISO-QF Clamp Fittings and Flanges
We offer a complete selection of NW/QF small clamp
Flanges, fittings, reducers and adaptors to include NPT
And quick coupling. Call or e-mail requested items.

Stainless Flex Hose
NW16 10,20,40 Inches long available
NW25 10,20,40,60 Inches Long available
NW40 10,20,40,60 Inches Long available
NW50 10,20,40,60 Inches Long available
Stainless manual bellows sealed valves
QF16 Angle PN: 3300-003 QF16 Inline PN:3200-027
QF25 Angle PN: 3300-005 QF25 Inline PN:3200-004
QF40 Angle PN: 3300-007 QF40 Inline PN: 3200-006
ISO-QF/NW Manual Ball Valves
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